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Self Serve Bays

Self Serve Bays

If you’re the do-it-yourself type, then we’ve got everything you need with 4 self service bays with the finest of products to get the job done.

If you’ve put your vehicle through it’s paces & have heavy road grime or perhaps you require some intensive bug removal, you can get a detailed clean using the gun on those stubborn areas. Perfect for off road 4WD’s & trailers. (Please note trailers used for grass clippings or wood chips are not allowed as it compromises our recycling system).

These bays are timed so what you spend depends on you. The average spend is $8. The machines accept $1 & $2 coins – with a change machine on site.

You’ll find presoak, tyre & engine cleaner, HP soap, waxes & splatter wax all at your disposal. Because it’s timed, you can use more of one product than another – you change the function at your discretion.

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We always suggest finishing with the spot free rinse to give you a dry vehicle without spotting!

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